Zeni EDA Software Tools

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System Requirements

- 1GHz CPU or higher
- 512MB RAM or higher
- 1GB HDD free space or higher

Supported Operating Systems

- RedHat 8, RedHat 9
- Fedora 4, Fedora 5, Fedora 6, Fedora 7
- RedHat Enterprise Linux 3, RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
- Solaris 8, Solaris 9

Other Linux distributions are also supported. Email us: support(at)zeni-eda.com.

License Server

Zeni uses its own proprietary license server. To request an evaluation license, please send us the following information about your license server:

- For Solaris machines, send us the hostid. This can be obtained by typing 'hostid' at the command prompt.

- For Linux machines, send us the MAC address of eth0. This can be obtained by typing '/sbin/ifconfig eth0' at the command prompt.

Download & Inatallation

Download instructions and license files will be sent separately by email once we receive your request. For installation instructions, click Zeni Installation Instructions.pdf.


For a step-by-step tutorial on the complete Zeni tools, click Zeni Tutorial 46210.pdf.

Design Kits

Zeni Deisgn Kits are available for the following foundry processes:
- TSMC 0.35u, 0.25u, 0.18u, 0.13u Mixed-Mode & Logic
- UMC 0.35u, 0.25u, 0.18u, 0.13u Mixed-Mode & Logic
- SMIC 0.25u, 0.18u, 0.13u Mixed-Mode & Logic
- XFAB 0.6u CMOS, 0.8u CMOS
- Motorola HIP7_SOI
- Honeywell SOI5
- PolarFab CB4
- Episil 1.5u BiPolar

Other foundry Design Kits may also be available. Email us: support(at)zeni-eda.com.

What's New

To see what's new in Zeni, click Zeni Whats New.pdf.

Email us with any other questions you may have: support(at)zeni-eda.com